Lack of concentration is one of the biggest causes of poor driving, with distraction being especially common. Distraction causes drivers to fail to notice hazards. Identifying distracted drivers helps you to avoid accidents, when you see a driver eating, on the phone or playing with their Satnav it’s a good idea to take extra precaution, just in case they lose control. Removing yourself away from danger is an excellent tip for new drivers, and the more experienced too, and here are five more tips for safer driving.

Give Yourself Space and Time

Always put your brakes on in plenty of time to notify the driver in front that you’ll be slowing down. If you want to reduce the chances of having to make a car accident injury claim always remember to keep plenty of space between you and the other vehicles on the road. If you have enough space you won’t have anything to crash into, reducing the risks of having a collision. One of the most frequent types of accidents on the road is a rear end collision; therefore you’ll need to pay attention to the amount of space the driver behind you is leaving.

Don’t Speed

Leave in plenty of time to get where you are going on time. The fatality risks mainly depend on the speed you are travelling, but even following low urban speed limits can prove to be fatal if you were to hit a pedestrian or a cyclist.

Pay attention to the speed limits on the roads and don’t try to reach them, stay below, the speed limit isn’t a target to be aiming for. Make sure you pay attention to the road and give yourself time and distance to deal with pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and junctions. Adjust your speed accordingly when you are driving through an area with pedestrians and cyclists and try to predict their actions.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Have you ever wondered why driving is so exhausting? It’s because your brain is given so much work to do. Your attention needs to be on the car in front of you, on your mirrors, paying attention to the other users on the road and the furthest point on the road. Accidents often happen when drivers have failed to notice a hazard, so they are unable to take the necessary precautions to avoid it.

Satnavs are also a major concern as many drivers rely on them too heavily, rather than actually paying attention to the road ahead. If you decide to use a Satnav it’s important to use your judgement and recognise that they can be wrong and lead you into danger.

Read the Warning Signs

Pay attention to the signs around you, including the painted marks on the road. Signs are there for health and safety reasons and the road markings indicate areas that are especially dangerous, often reflecting the history of the road and the type of accidents that have occurred in the past. Signs, road markings and street lights are all there to assist you and make your journey safer, don’t ignore them or take them for granted. Check out for further information.

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