If you travel often for leisure trips with your family, you might have heard of airport parking. You might have done it a few times even, but choosing the best airport parking service still confuses you. Airport parking can be a maze with different options and deals available. You can’t seem to get things right, and that’s fine, this is why article guides are made anyway. With these tips, you will be able to find out what’s the best airport car park service for you.

  1. Determine which type of car park service is convenient for you

There are three different types of airport car parking such as short, medium, and long-stay. Short and medium-stay types are the closest parking lots to the airport, while long-stay is commonly located outside of the airport’s premises. Convenient location is what sets these types apart price-wise, with short and medium being the closest to the airport; hence, they come with a premium price tag. But if you’re on a limited budget, you can rely on the cheaper rates offered by long-stay car park service providers.

  1. Self-parking or hand your car key over to a valet service personnel?

Short and medium-stay parking services often run on a self-parking basis like the Ace Parking in Melbourne Airport, where you park your vehicle by yourself and may take those keys with you. So from location and security to the valet service itself, everything is convenient. As for long-stay services, you will need to drive your way through a certain pick up point where a valet service personnel is waiting for you. Your car shall be then parked by the driver at an off-airport parking lot, leaving your car keys behind and you’ll likely end up boarding a bus to get yourself back to the airport.

  1. Find out if the operator can really offer a safe and secure parking facility

You can do this by doing your own research on the car park operator. Read up the reviews online or call the hotline to ask for their services and extra features before finalizing your reservation. Make sure that their parking facility is deployed with CCTV surveillance, a team of security guards, and security barriers at the entrance and exit. Additionally, confirm with the operator if their services are insured to secure your right for a compensation claim in case your car was handled irresponsibly.

  1. Short bus ride from the pick-up point to the airport

If ever you go for a long-stay service, make sure that the location is just a short bus ride to the airport and the transfer fee is reasonable, if there’s any. Check the bus schedule and locate the bus stops to make things easier and manageable. Of course, keep your flight schedule in mind before booking a long-stay car park service.