Fiat may not be as well known for its commercial vehicles as it is for its sporty vehicles but they do offer quality vans useful for transporting goods and passengers. Fiat Professional in the UK has taken on the mission of distinguishing these commercial vans made by Fiat. While the frequenters to Speed World Dragway may lean toward the more sporty vehicles when it comes to personal preferences, general car enthusiasts can appreciate the craftsmanship of Fiat’s commercial vans.

Vans for Transporting Goods

There are several commercial vans made by Fiat that are useful for transporting goods. Here are the available Fiat vans useful for transporting goods:

Ducato Goods: This van has a generous payload up to 2,200kg with three available wheelbases, four possible lengths, and three different heights from which to choose. There are also eight volume options. The Ducato Goods also comes in a Crew Van version for carrying passengers, a Dropside Truck version for easy loading and high functionality, and a Three-way Tipper version that is able to tip like a dump truck for convenient unloading. There is also a Ducato Conversion available that offer different chasses that can be customisable for specific uses.

Scudo Van: This versatile van is great for transporting large loads in style. It is a panelled van that can come in either glazed or semi-glazed options. There is also a choice of two wheelbases (short and long), a high or low roof option, three volume options, and two internal length options. The Scudo is easy to load and unload thanks to easy access to the load compartment through two large sliding doors and two back hinged doors that can open to 180 degrees. For even more of a convenience the load threshold can be lowered with the optional pneumatic suspension. Like the Ducato, there is also a Scudo Conversion with customisable chasses.

Doblo Cargo/Doblo Cargo XL/Doblo Workup: This practical and functional van comes in a variety of sub-models that are all useful when transporting goods. The Doblo Cargo is considered so good that, according to UK’s Guest Truck and Van, it earned the Light Van of the Year award from “What Van?” The standard Doblo Cargo has a payload of up to 1,000kg and comes with reinforced suspension, an upgraded brake system, and special tyres. The Doblo XL has the same payload at the Doblo Cargo’s maximum payload but it’s longer and has a higher roof. The Doblo WorkUp comes with features that professionals need in their commercial vehicle like a ladder rack, external storage for larger items, folding steps for easy access, and a larger cargo area. The Doblo Conversion is also available like the other vans.

Fiorino Van: This van offers a surprising amount of space while still remaining agile. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the seats in the van can be folded down to offer more space than just the load compartment. Easy access to the load compartment also makes this van great for transporting goods. Read access is available through two hinged doors while sliding doors provide access from the sides. There is also a 53cm load threshold for easier loading and unloading.

Punto Van: This is a stylish van with a sleek design, a comfortable interior, and quality on-board technology. The van provides good fuel economy while still remaining functional as a work van. The Punto Van’s load compartment allows for up to 1,000 litres of cargo.

Vans for Transporting Passengers

Fiat and Fiat Professionals also make commercial vans designated for transporting passengers instead of goods and cargo.

Scudo Passenger: Since this van is made to transport passengers comfort and style were a priority along with practicality. It comes in two varieties, the Scudo Combi and the Scudo Panorama Family. The Scudo Combi comes in both a short and long wheelbase with either six or nine seats that are adjustable, stackable, removable, and foldable. Double swing doors in the back allow for easy loading. The Scudo Panorama Family van is great for family trips and has a number of features. It has between five and eight seats, has automatic climate control, and a choice of short and long wheelbase. The seats in this version are also foldable, adjustable, stackable, and removable.

Ducato Combi: As the name suggests this van is great for transporting passengers and goods. It comes with two options for the wheelbase and the height. It has a maximum of nine seats and the second and third row seats can be folded, removed, or stacked to make more room. To keep passengers comfortable this van also features individual vents through under-ceiling ducts for optimum air flow.