Cleaning your car can be a very therapeutic feeling once completed, a good past time at the weekend and certainly good for your mental health as it gives you a feeling of self-accomplishment. However, there are defo some tips and tricks needed to ensure you are getting the best finish to your car.

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Ensure before starting to clean your car that you are in a dry environment, with space enabling you to reach every part of the car. First of all, you want to use cold water on the vehicle to hose it down, making sure that the whole vehicle is wet ready for its bath.  If you have the luxury of a pressure washer, please use, or even if you have access to some traffic film remover, spray this on beforehand and this will remove half of the dirt before its even shampooed.

When coming to clean the wheels, you can spray them with your dedicated wheel cleaner of your choice to shift any initial dirt. A small brush is best for the wheels as it enables you to get into every corner possible.

Same as thew wheels, when it comes to shampoo’ing the body work, please take the product of your choice with a bucket of warm soapy water this time. Start at the top of the car and work the dirt towards the ground and then rinse the car with cold water again once done.

When drying your vehicle, we opt to use a synthetic chamois as they are reuseable and have just the same effect as a real one.  Once you’ve been over once with the chamois, then use a microfibre to fully dry the vehicle to stop the car from streaking.

When it comes to the interior, clean the glass with glass cleaner and a glass cloth – in this case less product is more and will give a sparkling finish. Then move onto hoovering the carpets and using an all-surface polish for the dashboard. This will give your car that brand new feeling you desire.