The cars we drive say a lot about us’. Whether you buy a Chevrolet Corvette or Ford Mustang, you will definitely try to make it look sleek and trendy. You may have enjoyed driving your car with your kids and pets, just like we all do, but have you ever thought of the tortures which your seats have to face when your kids snack in the backseat, spilled drinks on it or your pets dirtied it by shedding his hairs? All these are pretty powerful to bung up your car seats. Although, you can ignore this issue by thinking- ‘Oh, I clean my seats regularly’. Well, let me tell you, if anything terrible seeps its interior, you have to reupholster and it can be pricey. So, why not shun it when you still have time in your hands?

Unfortunately, even a fine upholstery can face a bad luck such as the torn seam or ink leaking from an uncapped pen. In such a case, you should install a new set of car seat covers rather than kicking on to costly and tiresome reupholstery job. Selecting the right seat cover is not a child’s play. You have to consider a lot of things before buying. After surveying the market, I have discovered some tips which I am going to share with you in this piece. Let’s have a look.

Which is Better: Fabric Seat Covers or Leather Seat Covers?

Fabric Seat Covers- These types of seat covers meet all your protection requirements. Neoprene fabric covers can protect the seat from salt water and sand. So, it is the best choice for you if you enjoy watching the waves at the sea beach. Moreover, its design can easily fight against knife-like claws, messy mishaps, and pet hairs.

Leather Seat Covers-These covers are fashionable and comfy. Its other features include easy installation, resistant to UV rays as well as mild dew.

Edge- Fabric seat covers.

What should you look for while buying?

  • Make your mind up on how many seat covers you require. Would you like to spend on the seats which still looks like a new one? Of course, not. Hence, buy covers for those seats which are damaged and cover others with a big towel.
  • Consider the weather of your area. If you are living in Boston or Manchester where chilly weather dominates, then opt to sheepskin covers. On the contrary, cotton fibers are best suited to warm regions.
  • Check out whether your selected car seat covers fit your seats. As most of the manufacturers design covers to fit specific cars only, therefore, you should know the model number, accurate size and the age of your sedan.
  • Find out whether your retailer is offering any discount on bulk purchase. Getting a discount definitely elated all of us, and I am sure, you are not an exception to it. Many a times the dealer minimized the selling price of each cover if you are buying a certain quantity of covers from his shop. However, these kinds of perks are generally high on online shopping sites.

After flipping through the article, you definitely have got an insight on how to make the smart choice while shopping for the seat covers. So, which seat cover you are going to choose to have fun in this summer vacation?