For many of us, a car is more than just a means of getting from A to B. A car is something you take pride in, something you enjoy to drive and it is your own piece of motoring genius. In reality then it really should be something you want to own, not a second rate vehicle you only have because you think you can’t afford what you really want.

What you’ll be pleased to know is there are steps you can take to get your dream vehicle without bankrupting yourself. So don’t continue to waste time staring longingly at the car you really want, try some of our suggested approaches:

Method One – Getting Informed

Not knowing enough about realistic prices is one thing that can get in the way of you and your dream car. Too often customers are deterred by seemingly over-the-top prices but by getting clued up on what a car is really worth, you can use this to your advantage.

Thoroughly research the costs of your chosen car based on age, mileage and condition (if used) and with this, find a dealership and barter a deal with a salesperson. How confidently you go about this process is also important here as well.

Method Two – Trade-in and Save

Another simple method (which can be involved in method one as well) is to get your current car valued and use it as part of a trade-in deal. Again, make sure you are well-informed and don’t be manipulated into letting your car go for less than it’s worth. This is basically like playing them at their own game!

Method Three – Choose a Lease Car

One of the best options to try is leasing a car. Not only do you have your pick of brand new, top of the range models you can agree a contract length and monthly payment scheme that fits your finances.

What’s even better about this is all your costs are taken care of, so MOTs, services, any repairs and taxes are already covered in your rental agreement, plus because you don’t own the car you won’t incur any price depreciation costs. Then, when your contract is up, you can renew and get a brand new model of your car as a replacement. It almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?!

Whatever your preferences though, simply give one of these methods a try and soon you could be driving away in the car you really want.