You know it’s hard to stop yourself from browsing, so don’t. New technologies have pushed modern racing gear to the limits, making what’s available safer every step of the way. You still can’t make yourself as invincible as you feel, but there are plenty of precautionary steps you can take to appease a worrisome loved one. Here are just a few of the most sought after safety and performance gear on the market.


Sparco, Simpson, and G-Force are among the top brand names in auto racing footwear. Now you know that racing shoes haven’t quite caught on to mainstream culture like basketball shoes have, but there are some highly functional and stylish shoes out there for an average of about two hundred bucks.

Head Gear

Here’s hoping the only type of headgear you will need for auto racing is of the helmet persuasion. You can now purchase a helmet with head and neck support!  Don’t cut corners when it comes to your cranium. Spend the money, and get the best of the best. Research the different variations in styles and accessories to purchase the best fit for you.

Racing Suits

When it comes to racing suits, the PUMA Trionfo suit is top of the line. Some of the most notable features of the suit include:


-Strategically placed knit Nomex stretch panels. They are located at the knees, calves, and kidney/lumbar area to increase mobility and transpiration.

– Strech panels at the arm holes for full range of motion and breathability

– Collar constructed of a soft knitted material

– Anatomically correct shaping to avoid clumping in the material while you sit

– This suit is also one of the lightest on the market


When you’re looking for the best in auto racing tires, Pirelli is the place to find them. Pirelli is an Italian tire producer,providing premium tires for almost all of your auto needs. These tires offer the safest tire performance and comfort on the roads in all types of weather Mother Earth might toss your way. Ride like the fastest drivers in the world on the best tires in the world.

Racing Seats

Now the most important part of racing is where you place your bum. It would be tragic to get a cramp in your behind halfway through the race because your seat is so very uncomfortable. One of the best seats you can purchase for those sensitive areas is a Cobra Sebring Pro Ultralite. It’ll run you around thirty-five hundred dollars, but your core will be safely secured and protected in the slim chance that you get into an accident while flying down the pavement.