Tires wear out. Tires get cracks. Tires reach end of life. Tires get replaced. Driving a car with tires in very perfect condition gives any driver a confident and comfortable drive. You definitely know the ugly feeling of driving while counting the meters ahead to the garage when one of your tires has low pressure. Good car performance is not only rated by high power engine, tires are a great contributor too. A conscious driver needs to monitor the condition of the set of the tour tires.

If you are wondering how to tell that your tires need servicing or replacement, then this guide is for you. шиномонтаж таллинн does not cause a major financial implication on your wallet. Here are the some of the signs that show that your tire needs service or replacement.

Low tire thread

Observe your tires for reduction in the tread. Treads help your car move by reducing friction between the tire and the road surface, the thicker tread the better. Thicker tread helps the drivers maneuver through difficult driving conditions like snow, mud, rain, and marvel. Check with your local garage mechanic to find out if your tires still have more miles on them. Your tire’s tread can be compared with a new tire’s tread with to verify the findings. A tire with low tread definitely needs replacement.

Low Pressure

Every time before igniting the engine, it is advised to take a tour around the car to check if the four tires are well inflated. You could have driven over a sharp object like pin or nail that punctured the tire. The tire with low pressure should be replaced with a space tire before setting off and the faulty one taken to the pressure gauge machine for pressure fill up or check with tire specialists for any punctures.


It is not an obvious case that all punctures are very visual. While for one tire, by the look of the eye, it is definitely a flat tire, another could just have a low pressure sign. Punctures differ in severity and they ring a bell for immediate service. You are cautioned not to drive on punctured tires because it is dangerous and can cost you the whole tire. A tire that would have been repaired is replaced. Punctures are usually caused by cracks or holes developed from sharp objects on the drive way causing leakage of air from the tire.  Tire specialists at your local garage mechanics can easily service the damaged tires at an affordable fee.

Tire mileage

Tire manufacturers usually specify the threshold tread depth of different tires below which, the tires are branded not healthy for road and need replacement. This cannot be measured by naked eyes of drivers. With the help of specialists, one can be guided on the way forward. Please note that the rate at which this tread depth decreases depends on individual cars because of the difference in the car mileage, road surfaces driven on and general technical conditions of the car.