Whether it’s their first summer driving or their last summer as a teenager, there are tips that your teens should be reminded of every summer. Sure, winter driving may seem more dangerous, but summer poses its own driving dangers.

Summer is a time for fun and sand, and sometimes teens forget that they need to be responsible when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Here are a few things to remind them of before they hit the roads for summer fun.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Rule number one should always be to buckle-up. Whether or not it’s the law where you live, it’s still a great safety measure that has been proven to save lives time and time again.

Don’t fall for their excuses that it’s uncomfortable or annoying. If they don’t want to wear their seatbelt they won’t be driving the car. They are still teenagers after all, you make the rules not them!

Put Away Your Cell Phone

Let’s face it, teenagers are addicted to their phones. Teach them to put the phone away when they are driving. They shouldn’t be texting and they shouldn’t be checking Facebook either.

It’s also wise to teach them not to even answer the phone or make calls while driving. This is still distracted driving. That call can wait.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Speaking of phones and distracted driving, phones are the only distractions when it comes to driving. Teach teens not to eat or put on makeup when driving. It can even be hazardous to look away long enough to switch the radio station. You may end up driving into another vehicle or even a building!

Make sure you teen knows that when they are behind the wheel their attention should always be on driving. It shouldn’t be on the conversations in the car or on what CD they want in the player.

Follow The Laws

There are a lot of laws when it comes to driving. And teens need to know these laws. When it comes to breaking the law ignorance is no excuse and you teen will get in trouble even if they didn’t realize it was the law to wear their seatbelt.

One of the most important laws teens should be following is the speed limit. Going over the speed limit won’t just give them a ticket, but it also puts them at higher risk of accidents.

No Drinking And Driving

Teens will be teens, and no matter how many times you tell them they can’t legally drink they’ll find ways to do it illegally. Make it absolutely clear to your teen that they should never drink and drive.

Not only can drinking and driving put them in jail and cause them to lose their driver’s license permanently, they also put the other people in their vehicle at risk as well as all of the other drivers on the road.

On top of all of that, remind them that there are more motorcycles on the road now and they really need to look twice to save a life. When you share the road it’s important to respect yourself and the other people driving and be careful.