Buying a car can be very exciting, whether it’s your first car or you’re upgrading to a brand new model. However, there are many things that you should consider before you splash out on a car, since it can come with many added costs and you should give careful consideration to all the factors before making a decision. There are many things that you may have already thought about, but here are some of the main things that you’ll need to tick off your list.

Think about the cost of keeping the car

Long after you’ve paid the purchase price on your car, you could be forking out money month after month for repairs and other maintenance costs. Apart from the main expenses that are associated with a car, such as insurance, tax, fuel and car washes and cleaning fees, you should also consider anything else that might go wrong with the car. This could include accidental damage such as broken or cracked windscreens which mean you have to think about the costs involved with windscreen repairs Edwardstown. You should also consider extra costs such as the price of new tyres for your car, repairing any lights and also getting regular services or oil and filter changes.

Think about what you need the car for

A certain make and model of a car might look great, but think about whether it’s practical and whether you will really be able to use it for the things that you need. If you have a family, you should think about the space in the car – do you need five doors or just three? If you have young children who are in car seats and booster seats, or if you need to put equipment in the back seats of the car, you may want to get a car with extra accessibility to make it easier for you. Even if you don’t have a family at the moment, you should consider whether you’re going to need extra space in the near future.

Think about whether to buy a new car or a second-hand vehicle

There is a lot of money to be saved if you go down the route of buying a second-hand car rather than buying a brand new one. You might like the idea of being the first owner of a vehicle and driving a brand new car that is hot off the press, but you could save a lot of money going for a second-hand option. If you really want a new car, consider buying one which is a year or two old and hasn’t been driven a huge amount.

This is as close as you can get to having a new car but you’ll be making massive costs. If the car has been looked after and you can check the service history and all the registration documents to see how it has been looked after and whether there are any red flags that you should be aware of before buying.