Misplacing your things can be frustrating. If you’re in a hurry, you will waste precious time looking for the lost items. It’s worse if you lost your car keys. Imagine if you end up late for an appointment because you couldn’t find your keys. The good thing is you can always ask for help from a locksmith for a lost car key replacement. Next time, you should find a way to avoid misplacing things. These tips could help.

Place your things in designated areas

You need to have a space for all your things. You don’t have to worry about where to find them since you know where they are. Whether it’s at home or in the office, you should have an area to keep your essentials. You can do the same with your bag. Organise things easily by having a designated area.


Always clean your place

Another reason why you always misplace your things is you live in a messy house. Try to clean things up. While cleaning, you might even find items you have lost earlier. Return everything to the right places. Don’t wait until your house gets too dirty before you start cleaning up.

Make it a habit to return items

If you read books or magazines, return them to the shelf. If you used drawing materials, return them to the container after using them. Your children should do the same. After playing with toys, they should return them to the right places. Make it a habit for everyone in the family. You will prevent losing things if you do so. The same thing applies to car keys. After arriving home, return the keys to the key holder.

Always double check

Before leaving your house, double-check your things. Look at your bag and see if everything is with you. Do the same upon arrival. You can also have a checklist to remember the essentials.

Invest in storage furniture

It’s easier to keep your things if you have enough storage spaces. Invest in quality storage furniture at home. You can also keep your house clean using this method. Otherwise, you will keep items in random places, and you couldn’t remember where they are. With the right storage equipment, you can even place labels.

Do the same with your bag. Instead of dropping everything inside, invest in different pouches. Group your things according to purpose before placing them inside your bag. It’s also easier to change bags without losing any essential item.

Always be mindful

You keep forgetting things because you don’t live in the present. Your mind is always floating elsewhere. Try to be more mindful of your actions. Worry about other problems later.

Hopefully, you will prevent losing more things by following these tips. Misplacing items will make you miserable. It will also ruin your mood. You spend too much time searching for things and you can’t enjoy your day anymore. You might even buy a replacement when it’s not yet necessary.


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/es9hUv_U0Rk