Do you dream of seeing your drivers standing proudly in 1st place on a podium? Or receiving praise and acclaim from your fans and peers surrounding the success of the team you’ve worked hard to build? Well, if you do, you’ll need to make sure your race team is the best it can be right from the beginning.

To help you out then, check out our top five useful tips for setting up a race team and soon you could see your name dominating the championships and making the headlines.

#1 – Get your Finances Sorted

It doesn’t take a business degree to work out that racing is an expensive sport to become involved in. Not only do you need to pay for your staff, your cars and much, much more, there’s the matter of turning a profit from your race successes. This is where monetary aspects like sponsorship and investment from others are essential. So you will probably have to spend some time searching for backing before you can begin doing anything.

#2 – Hire your Team Wisely

If you’ve worked in the racing circuits before, it’s time to get out your address book and call in some favours. When you’re starting out don’t expect to hire the best right away, but equally don’t aim too low. The best solution is to recruit a combination of cheaper young blood and a few more expensive, but experienced, team members.

#3 – Purchase your Vehicles and Facilities

With your team on board you now need to think about the cars and everything that goes with them, from garages to parts and performance analysing tech. Here you can call on the advice of your team to help make the best choices.

#4 – Practise, Practise and more Practise

Practise really does make perfect and this couldn’t be more appropriate for your racing team. Before you even think about entering any competitions you must put your team and your cars through their paces to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

#5 – Treat your Setup like a Business

A final tip for when you’ve begun racing and started making a name for yourself, is to emulate successful business models and spend more on improving what you have. This investment can turn can reward you with even better results from your team and see you go from strength to strength.

So there you have it, our five tips for setting up a racing team and putting your setup on the track to being a success.