There are many factors that a car shopper will need to consider before making his or her final selection. Many of these factors are personal and subjective. However, unless money is not of concern, the cost of ownership of the vehicle is of prime importance. This cost is simply the amount of money it will require to operate the vehicle while you are the owner, and gas mileage will determine fuel costs.
How to use gas mileage numbers for comparison
Everybody can read the information on a new car for gas mileage and compare one to another, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. If you are truly looking to save money on your new car and want to know how much money you will be saving, you need to compare the miles-per-gallon number of the car you are interested in with the gas mileage of your current car. Never mind what gas mileage you think you are getting; need to know exactly how much gas mileage your car is getting.
Calculating gas mileage
If you have never done this before, it is simple. The next time you need gas, fill up your tank and make a note of the mileage on your odometer. The next time you are ready to buy gas, fill up you tank and write down the amount of gas that you just put in your tank. Write down your current mileage on your odometer. Subtract out the starting mileage from the current odometer reading. Divide this mileage by the amount of gas you just put in your tank, including fractions of a gallon, and you will have the miles per gallon for your current car.
The reason why this is important
Too often, people overestimate the MPG of their current car. Even if you have done a good job of maintaining your vehicle, your car probably doesn’t burn fuel as efficiently as it used to. With an accurate number for MPG, you will most likely realize that the cost of operating a new car is less than you thought.
The price of gas will affect the cost of operating a vehicle, but when shopping for a car, it is the comparison of one car to another that is important as well as the comparison to the vehicle you are driving now. You can calculate your own vehicle’s MPG and go to a national car dealership website to make comparison of new models on the market. The is one example of this.