Did you know that sound can be used for cleaning car parts? It’s not the same sound you hear from common speakers, though. You need special equipment capable of producing ultrasonic waves that carry enough force to shake the dirt off walls and dislodge clogs out of orifices or openings. Providers of ultrasonic cleaning services make use of special devices and train their staff in the proper use of their cleaning equipment.

Not for all parts

It’s important to note that ultrasonic cleaning is not applicable to all parts of a car. It is only intended for delicate components that can incur damage when cleaned with abrasive chemicals and picked with cleaning tools designed for durable materials. This type of cleaning is mostly used for carburettors, cylinder heads, fuel injectors, and brake cylinders. The differential of a car can also use ultrasonic cleaning, especially if the powerful solvent used to clean it fails to achieve the desired results. The solvent may also leave residues that get in the way of new bearing and seal insertion.


Some tend to doubt the ability of sound to clean car parts. It’s understandable since most people are familiar with ultrasound in the medical setting. How can something that is used to see an embryo inside the human body be useful in cleaning metals and machines? Doubters can rest assured that ultrasonic cleaning solutions work. They have been in use for several decades and employed in industrial applications for the maintenance of heavy machinery.

Ultrasonic cleaning is by no means as powerful as compressed air and vacuum. However, its purpose is different. It’s not meant to remove large gunk or debris in durable automotive parts. It is a precision cleaning solution that shakes dirt off for easier removal without the risk of damaging delicate parts.


Ultrasonic cleaning uses specialized equipment and requires the device operator to undergo some training or orientation. As such, it costs more than conventional cleaning solutions. The generally higher cost, however, should not discourage car owners from considering this option. With the higher price comes the precision unmatched by other cleaning methods. It also addresses the risk of possibly damaging sensitive auto parts. The cost may be higher, but the cost of repairing damage may be drastically worse if your car’s internals are damaged with rough cleaning.

DIY ultrasonic cleaning

Unfortunately, ultrasonic car cleaning equipment is quite pricey. It makes sense for car service companies or garages to obtain one, but it may be too expensive for ordinary car owners. As such, DIY cleaning using ultrasound-based methods is not something worth considering for most auto owners. Also, using ultrasonic equipment requires adequate orientation or training. Improper use may result in unwanted consequences or the inability to get the expected results.

Technology is amazing. It can turn sound into something capable of eliminating dirt, sludge, and debris in delicate machine parts. Ultrasonic cleaning is an excellent solution for machine components that require a gentle but effective cleaning approach.