There’s something really special and unique about owning an Audi. They’re cars you can really take pride in, plus they’re an absolute joy to drive. But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s your guide to some of the features that make Audis great.

Great Value

Although Audis can be a bit on the pricey side, there are many features that make them a good long-term financial bet. Many of the newer models benefit from automatic start-stop for greater fuel and CO2 efficiency, which can really make a difference to your fuel bill – particularly if you primarily drive in the city. They’re also one of the least depreciating cars on the market, with Audis making up five of the Telegraph’s 20 cars that depreciate the least. Long-term repair costs should also be low, as they’re known as one of the most reliable makes of car on the market today – with many covering as much as over 100,000 miles before something serious goes wrong. To get the most out of its impressive lifespan, you should look for a nearly new Audi that’s less than three years old, with 20,000 miles of less on the clock. Motorpoint have a great range of cars that fit the bill.

Environmental Impact

As a luxury car brand, you might not think Audi and minimizing environmental impact go hand in hand – but nowadays that couldn’t be further from the truth. In recent years they’ve upped their environmental cred in various ways – right down to the bare bones of their cars. A lighter car means less road resistance, lower fuel consumption and less CO2 emissions – so they’ve introduced the innovative Audi Space Frame (ASF). It consists of a lightweight, high-strength aluminium frame that gives their cars outstanding safety and phenomenal efficiency while still maintaining the performance you’d expect from an Audi. Individual driving style can also influence fuel consumption by up to 30%. Selecting the right gear at the right time is one way to help reduce it, and Audis have a gearshift indicator to help you select the most efficient gear.


Simply put, Audis are some of the safest cars on the market.All models go through a comprehensive program of computer-simulated and real life crash tests before they launch. But instead of just meeting the standard testing requirements, the bestselling models are also selected for testing by independent consumer protection organizations such as Euro NCAP, so you can be sure that you and your loved ones are as protected as possible while on the road.