Abarth have a long history of creating track ready versions of Italian road cars, and are particularly known for their ability to turn a cute little Fiat into a pocket sized beast. With the 2015 Abarth 695 Biposto they have created the fastest road legal Abarth yet. This is a car designed for racing, but which also features all those pesky things the police like you to have on your vehicle, so you can register it for road use too.

Racing Design

Biposto is Italian for ‘two seater’, which in a car based on a Fiat 500 already tells you something about this car’s intentions. It is road legal, but it hasn’t been created for nipping to the shops or doing the school run in. Instead, Abarth have taken out all of the things you would normally want in an everyday vehicle like air conditioning and back seats to save weight, helping the Abarth Biposto reach speeds up to 230 kilometres per hour (that’s just over 140 miles per hour) on the track. The efforts to slim down the car in terms of weight really do contribute to this, with this little Abarth weighing in at just 997 kilos. Couple its light weight with a 1.4 litre T-jet engine, and you will definitely feel like you are driving a racing car rather than a city-bound Fiat!


The base Abarth 695 Biposto is then, very clearly a track car – just one that you can actually drive to your track of choice in. If you want something similar in style but more aimed towards road driving, the Abarth 500 is probably the better option. Since you are looking at a track car, you may also be tempted by some of the options that can enhance your racing experience in the Abarth. The dog ring gearbox that is one such option – it’s H pattern and racy looks make it a cool thing to add just for aesthetics, but Abarth claim that it makes changing gear on the five speed gearbox so rapid and smooth that an experienced driver won’t even need to touch the clutch for most changes, and that can make a huge difference.

Other Options

You can also add on a ‘Track Kit’ – this is essentially an accessory pack that gives you a data logger, plus a full Abarth factory driver racing suit, helmet, gloves and boots personalised with your initials, along with racing seats and racing harness style seatbelts. These may not technically make your car faster, but you will be safer on the track and you’ll look the part! You can also have a ‘Special Kit 124’ which deals with the exterior, adding on things like a special twin bulge aluminium bonnet and titanium wheel centre caps and water, oil and fuel caps. The ‘Carbon Kit’, according to Abarth, gives your car ‘the look of a supercar’ by adding carbon fibre to various things inside the car (like the dashboard) and the mirrors.

The Abarth is very much the car to choose if you are a keen weekend racer, and want something with pace, smooth gear shifts and a stripped down, light body that can fly round the track.